Authenticity is important to me because I spent most of my life inauthentic. I grew up as a 'strong' woman, and grasping onto that identity meant not showing any vulnerability and not having the ability to connect to a vulnerable side of myself.

As a result, I stayed stuck in a perpetual cycle of projecting strength and confidence to everyone all the time. Even times when I felt insecure and scared. All that did was make me feel alone. Alone, swirling in a world of projecting perfectionism and toughness and not letting anyone in... you know, IN past my barriers.

My past is why I'm so passionate about this work. I realized that underneath my tough, pretend-confident exterior lay a deep-seated insecurity. An idea that to be worthy, I must be perfect. I was familiar with perfection, and it provided safety for my brain.

I want everyone to know that you are WORTHY no matter what you've accomplished in life! You are WORTHY because you're alive. Good people LOVE to help others, and they WANT to assist you! No one is perfect, and it's time we all stop pretending like we are.

What brings you here? What's your dream? What do wish could be different? Where do you need to feel more empowered? Where do you want to take your power back? What's your vision for 12 months from now and what will it take from you to make it happen? Those are all things a Life Coach can help you with. One of my favorite quotes is from the 13th-century philosopher Rumi, "What you seek is seeking you." Are ready to go for it? ;-) 

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Recovering Perfectionist, multi-preneur, single mom of two Amazing teens

Professional Biography

Ah, those three badges you see? They're not just splashes of color or digital merit badges; they're badges of honor, worn close to my heart. Each one is a testament to my burning desire to help you realize just how extraordinary you are. But let's rewind a bit to where this all began—perhaps you'll see a part of your own story in mine.

I was once a student on the verge of completing an MS degree in Mental Health Counseling. That journey, filled with mind expanding courses on human behavior, familial patterns, and the science of motivation, was like looking in a mirror for the first time. I saw the chinks in my armor, the cracks in my foundation. And guess what? It wasn’t a sight to run from; it was an invitation—to heal, to understand, and to grow. I realized that the life and relationship I was living were chapters in my story, but they were not the whole book.

Fast-forward a bit, and a twist of fate made me press pause on that academic dream. But in 2018, something amazing happened. I invested a hefty $5,000 in a group coaching program, and oh my, what an awakening that was! It was like discovering a new color in the rainbow; suddenly, I was captivated by the world of coaching. From that point on, I was both the student and the client, hungry for all the wisdom that various life coaches and their divergent methodologies could offer. 

But here’s where it gets truly magical: over six transformative years, I found the secret sauce. Or shall I say, the secret *synapse*? What truly lights me up is the astonishing power of Neuroscience-based coaching. Imagine harnessing the intricacies of your brain to catalyze profound, life-altering changes. The results? They're nothing short of a standing ovation from your soul.

So, curious to know more about how we can rewire your brain for success, love, and immeasurable happiness? Then you're in the right place, my friend. Let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together. 🌟

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