Imagine a realm of possibilities where neuroscience meets transformative coaching. What if you could wake up to a day where your coffee tastes richer because your mind is clearer? What if your work not only pays but deeply fulfills you, and your conversations with your loved ones are heartfelt, not fraught?

What if enhancing your own life could ripple out to improve the lives of those you care about most?

As your NeuroCoach, I'm here to tell you that when the brain's caretaker—that's you—is supported and empowered, the realm of 'impossible' starts to crumble. Suddenly, the improbable becomes achievable, and a whole new universe unfolds in front of you.

Open the door to...

Life coaching isn't about fixing you, because you're not broken. It's a transformative journey to dive deeper into understanding why your life looks the way it does. Curious about the process? While I can't spill all the details, know that we start with the empowering belief that you are already a whole, capable individual.

Instead of dishing out advice—a strategy that often backfires and unbalances the power dynamics—we use specialized techniques to hold up a mirror to your thoughts and beliefs. This heightened self-awareness is a game-changer; it empowers you to reshape your life on your own terms. You don't need to settle for the status quo when you possess the tools to create the life you've always desired. 

With neurocoaching, we use all the techniques to deep dive into the core beliefs that have been holding you back. Believe it or not, most limiting thoughts that prevent you from moving forward and chasing your dreams or expanding your life and relationships stem back to one or two strong neuropathways in your brain. With the help of special Neuro-techniques created by Dr. Shannon Irvine, together we'll build neuropathways to counteract the ones that are holding you back. 

Always remember, the sky is a limit. With Neurocoaching, there are no limits to what's possible!

So what is Life and Nuero Coaching exactly?

We'll begin our 1:1 coaching sessions. All sessions will be recorded and shared with you. I may assign homework to anchor things we've uncovered and things you are working on.


Once the invoice is paid and the contract is signed, you will receive a follow-up email with next steps, and a calendar to schedule your coaching calls. 

Receive the Deets

Should we mutually agree to work together you'll receive a Coaching Agreement, ICF Code of Ethics and a link to create client portal where all of our work will live.

Make it Official

Schedule  your complimentary 60 minute discovery call here to see if we are a good fit. Tell me about what you want to accomplish and what your challenges are  and I'll tell you about my coaching program. We will meet virtaully on Zoom or GoogleMeet.

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The steps to working together.

How it happens

Unlock the power of your Brain to master your mindset 🧠  

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While change is not linear, I utilize a process in my coaching to create change in the areas of life that feel unchangeable. 

In other words, there is a method to managing your mind, and I would love to show you how.

Peek my process here. 

Or just jump right in and schedule a free call. 

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The Process



First, you’ll create a vision for the future and define your ideal life. We'll explore how you want to feel most frequently and what you want to spend time on daily. Then, we'll examine what's going on that is preventing you from living like that now. We'll identify the most leveraged moves you can make to make the most of your time, and you’ll create your own filter through which you will run all future decisions.

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By now, we will be halfway through the neurocoaching we started on Day One. This is a great time to do the work. You get to identify and define your personal boundaries, and we will talk through your approach to unwinding from what you need to unwind from. You will be growing immensely throughout this process: A strong, empowered person unapologetic about your boundaries.

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As we come to the end of the neurocoaching process, you will have found a new way to BE in the world. You are ready to EMBODY your new skin and walk down your path the way God intended you to do.

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