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For Some, Miracle Mornings Aren’t so Miraculous

  1. I love this perspective so much, Christine! It definitely should not be a cookie cutter approach!

  2. WOW!!! This is soooo good! Being someone who has tried (and failed) to fit into the idea that you must have a rigid morning routine in order to succeed because that’s what “they” say is the only way, I identify with your message 100%!
    We are each uniquely & wonderfully created and we should never go about trying to squash anyone into someone else’s box!
    I, too, have felt “like I’m suffocating in a small box” when I e tried to adhere to a rigid morning routine!
    Your suggestions for going with the flow are spot on, Christine!
    Thank you for sharing! 💗

  3. Such great insight Christine! I love how you share that success is about priorities, not a schedule.

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